Date Posted:03/05/2019

Pursuant to 20 CFR 655.734 you are here by notified that H1-B nonimmigrants are being sought and that a Labor Condition Application (“LCA”) will be (or has been) filed for the following occupation:


Occupational Title: Data Warehouse Engineer

Number of H-1B Nonimmigrants Sought: One

Wages Offered: $73,000 per annum

Prevailing Wage: $72,842 per annum

Prevailing Wage Source: 2019 OFLC Online Data Center

Period of Employment: 08/28/2019 to 08/27/2022

Location(s) at which the H-1B Nonimmigrants Will Be Employed:101 South Washington Street, Green Bay, WI 54301. The H-1B employer has agreed to the following statements as summarized on the LCA:

Wages: Pay nonimmigrants at least the local prevailing wage or the employer’s actual wage, whichever is higher, and pay for non-productive time. Offer nonimmigrants benefits on the same basis as U.S. workers.

Working Conditions: Provide working conditions for nonimmigrants which will not adversely affect the working conditions of workers similarly employed.

Strike, Lockout or Work Stoppages: No strike or lockout in the occupational classification at the place of employment.

Notice: Notice to union or to workers at the place of employment. A copy of this form was given to the H-1B worker.

The LCA is available for public inspection at the H-1B employer’s place of business located at: 112 S. Tryon St, Suite 755, Charlotte, NC 28284 Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the labor condition application and/or failure to comply with the terms of the LCA may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S.Department of Labor.