Transformation of B2B Market from Conventional to Digital Business

One has to admit that Digitisation is the ongoing revolution in this generation. It is not new but has reached to new tripping point .We can observe due to digitisation the advancement has reached its full pace in 5-10 years compared to last 50 years. To put in simple words the world is switching from Off-Line to On-Line. It starts from the way we spend our time and the way we spend our money.

It made the most powerful who are resistant to digitisation have turned up into powerless because of not being associated with this advancement. The worthy point in this is, it changed the way of delivering the product or service for every industry because sharing has become easy with this Digitisation. We can also see this digitisation in core industries such as Agriculture and Mining but not it’s fullest. There are various types in digitisation like data digitisation, Process digitisation so on.

So Data Digitisation specifically is to Select data, catalogue data, Reformat data and store or circulating it. Unlike physical data, typically experiences loss in data. So here sharing is made easy. In Process Digitisation it is front end like mobile applications, mobile devices, mobile industry has become for the centre of all the collaboration. Banks are one of the examples of process digitisation, but stills there is a lot of manual work which is going on, so until end to end digitisation happens we can’t solve the problems in this service industry.

The storage of digitalised data has improved from floppies, CDs to cloud based technology. So going ahead in near future majority of industries will be into digitization. The future of digitisation and content management looks great as the technology is moving with high pace.

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