Gather the Data, control the device, and improve the efficiency with an IOT Device

Integration and interconnection of the devices used in the day to day life through Internet medium with innovation to improve the efficiency is known as Internet of things. The revolutionary sensor devices elevated the concept of smart devices and smart cities to a whole next level. IOT solutions can be implemented across all the business sectors to transform the functioning of the devices.

Internet has become part of the life for all human beings on the earth. With the heights of the technology, many smart devices came into existence and with the agile nature of IOT, devices were connected with digital intelligence. The centralised controlling of the devices through IOT is possible with an app or a simple device. It’s a far dream to monitor the real time data during the dark age of the internet. Now, with IOT, real time monitoring and tracking has become a mere reality to assess the performance of the devices in an effective manner. For example, if you have an alarm which is connected to the heater, after which it is connected to your kitchen devices and later connected to your vehicle and so on, IOT helps in securing the data and monitor it to gain rich insights.

So, with the interconnectivity of all these things, everything happens in time and it leads to an efficient life. There are different building blocks in IOT, the first process is collecting the data and performing ground level work; examples for these are Cameras, RFID censors at your office, temperature sensors at your home and so on. The second step would be like, the gathered data will be structured to an extent and sent to gateways or local processing nodes connected to networks to make relevant predictions or inferences about the data and send it to cloud. IOT is mainly a duplex system, which means it will establish connection between hardware and applications. It connectivity can be wire or wireless. The third step in the process involves storage on cloud and analyse the data completely.

Tribis being a top notch IOT service provider, technology customization with reduced cost and improved efficiency is always possible. With more than 10 million devices, real time data monitoring is the key aspect that drives the future Gen technology.


Improving customer experience through a reliable connection to things.

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Creating new revenue streams through next gen services leveraging intelligence of connected ecosystem.

Adopting preemptive approach to prevent business issues through real-time insights.

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